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“Content is King!”  In a world where consumers are being advertised to consciously and subconsciously hundreds or even thousands of times per day, the modern savvy consumer has become keen to content with little substance.

When the only purpose of created content is to sell product, consumers may not gravitate towards it or worse, form a negative opinion about your brand as a result of it.

We create, implement, and coach content strategies rich in substance to ensure that the work done today can continue to drive traffic to your website and increase conversions for the long-term.

Content Samples

999 Website Upgrade

Upgrade an existing website to an SEO optimized website utilizing the latest version of WordPress and the most intuitive version of Divi.

1899 Build a New Website

Build a new, fully SEO Optimized Website utilizing the latest WordPress and the most intuitive version of Divi! Additional upgrades can include full multi-language support, full e-commerce functionality, and content coaching/creating. For more information, Contact Us

Website Samples

Social Media Page Creation & Management

Optimize pages, upgrade the content, and update the look of up to three social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Places, and Yelp.


Monthly SEO, PPC, and Newsletters

We can provide monthly SEO content, manage pay per click campaigns advertising campaigns, and we can create and distribute email communications/newsletters. For more information about these services, contact us.



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Caribbean Luxury Rentals Celebrates Ten Years

A Decade Of Creating Unforgettable Memories for Guests Visiting Puerto Rico Coral Gables, FL (PRWEB)July 12, 2017 Caribbean Luxury Rentals, a leader in luxury travel and excursions in Puerto Rico, is celebrating ten years of welcoming visitors and guests to its first...
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History of Caribbean Luxury Rentals

Humble Beginnings Jesús “Nene” Norniella was born in 1940 in Cuba on a mountain and raised with two sisters and no electricity. In order to attend school in Cuba, Jesús took jobs at the institutions he attended; first as a janitor and eventually he joined his sisters...
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Top 10 Things to do in Puerto Rico

Most of the Caribbean Luxury Rentals team either grew up in Puerto Rico or has visited the island countless times throughout the years. The most common question asked by friends, family, and clients alike is “what are the best things to do in Puerto Rico?” Having had...
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Casa Bacardi Factory Tour

History The first Bacardí distillery was purchased in 1862 and located in Santiago de Cuba.  In an attempt to expand the brand overseas, in 1931 the “king of rums” expanded their operations and productions to Mexico and in 1936 to Puerto Rico under the name Ron...
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Caribbean Luxury Rentals, Private Properties With Resort Amenities

The Best of Both Worlds Puerto Rico is rich with culture and diversity across the island. This usually leads to a vast array of experiences for vacationers when visiting the “Isla del Encanto.” One of the qualities that can make renting for Caribbean Luxury Rentals...
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Why You Should Stay in Rio Grande When Visiting Puerto Rico

Although Puerto Rico is a relatively small island in the Caribbean, just over 3,500 square miles in size, few roads and notorious traffic can make traveling inside the island frustratingly time consuming. Visitors to Puerto Rico have spent precious vacation time in a...
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A Timeline Leading to the Impeachment Trial of Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff

On May 12th after over twenty hours of deliberation, Brazil’s Senate voted 55 to 22 to suspend President Dilma Rousseff for 180 days and to commence an impeachment trial in the Senate. The allegations that eventually lead to this began on October 7th, 2015 when...
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Considering Leaving the United States? Make sure you are aware of potential expatriation tax consequences.

The trend of Americans voluntarily renouncing their U.S. citizenship is once again occurring in record numbers. This is according to the Treasury Department that releases the list of Americans renouncing their citizenship quarterly. If the numbers released from the...
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Should You Rent a Car When Visiting Puerto Rico?

Like other countries in the region, driving in Puerto Rico can be both exciting and frustrating. Whenever driving outside of the United States I am sure to be extra cautious driving at least until I get a “feel” for driving style of the locals. This time in Puerto...
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Food and Puerto Rico’s Culinary Influences

History Puerto Rico has a history and reputation for their culinary offerings. Many of the traditions and cooking practices present today in Puerto Rico can be traced back to Europe (primarily Spain), Africa, and the Taíno natives. Towards the end of the 1800’s, the...
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