Experts Fear Latin America and Caribbean Dengue Outbreak May Spread to Florida

ST. PETERSBURG, FL–(Marketwire – May 17, 2011) – As temperatures rise across the state, many Florida residents welcome the afternoon showers that accompany the sweltering summer heat. However, few realize that these rains create the perfect breeding ground for Florida mosquitoes, and thus a possible epidemic.

Recently, Florida mosquitoes have gained notoriety as vectors for dengue, a deadly disease associated with flu-like body pains, internal hemorrhaging and in some cases orifice bleeding. As incidences have spiked in Latin America and the Caribbean, many experts fear this outbreak will soon reach Florida. With no existing cure for the disease, many turn to education and professional Florida pest management as the best solutions.

There are 80 different varieties of Florida mosquitoes. In most species, it is only the females who feed on humans and animals, as they utilize blood proteins and other nutrients for egg development. Florida mosquitoes thrive in the floodwater habitat that is found across the state. It is estimated that there are 0.7 to 1.3 million mosquito eggs per acre in the citrus groves, pastures and uninhabited flat lands of Florida.

With such a daunting number of possible carriers, Florida is extremely susceptible to transmittable disease outbreaks. Reports have been pouring in from across the state regarding increases in the population of Florida mosquitoes. For cities located near water, such as Naples, many residents have recruited the expertise of professionals for their Naples pest control needs. Others residents simply ignore the danger and accept this pest as a part of the tropical climate.

With no existing cure for dengue, Florida mosquitoes must be managed. Although utilizing a Florida pest control professional is best, there are basic preventative measures one can take to avoid infestations by Florida mosquitoes. These include empting all standing water in and around your property, as well as ensuring your property has sufficient natural drainage.

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