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Excess Seasonal Moisture Causes a Spike in Florida Ants and Infestations

ST. PETERSBURG, FL–(Marketwire – Jul 19, 2011) – Warm midday showers are a unique trademark of summertime in Florida. These rains allow lush tropical flowers to bloom, while offering Floridians a welcomed break from the brutal sun. However, few correlate this precious precipitation with Florida ants.

Florida ants have a wide ranging diet and are naturally attracted to moisture. Indoor food sources are easily accessed by these foraging insects via moisture-prone areas of the home. These areas become more vulnerable as the damp summer season continues.

Despite being commonly characterized as benign, these pests contaminate food and can cause extensive property damage. When confronted with Florida ants, most homeowners simply squash them and continue with their lives. Few stop to consider that for every ant they spot, there are hundreds or possibly thousands of unseen Florida ants lurking in and around their home.

Florida ants can be classified into three groups: house infesting, yard infesting, and carpenter ants. The first group, house infesting, garners the most attention despite being the least threatening. These pests can contaminate food and prove unsightly. When these Florida ants are discovered, it usually means that other, more detrimental insects or rodents are close behind.

Yard infesting ants prove much more troublesome. Although they can quickly be identified by their characteristic mounds, these Florida ants are usually discovered only after a family pet or young child has been attacked. These Florida ants can easily change location, proving quite evasive against Do-It-Yourself treatments.

Carpenter ants are often mistaken for termites. These Florida ants do not eat wood, but rather excavate into damaged wood in order to rear their young. This leaves properties with prior termite damage much more susceptible to serious structural issues.

Steady summer rains are leaving homes across the state vulnerable to excess moisture, and thus infestation. With specialists from Miami pest control, Fort Lauderdale Pest Control and up to Fort Myers pest control reporting dramatic spikes in ant infestations, it is imperative for homeowners to seek professional help immediately.

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Article Originally Posted Here: http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/florida-ants-are-flourishing-homeowners-are-panicking-reports-suncoast-pest-control-1539504.htm