ST. PETERSBURG, FL–(Marketwire – Jun 15, 2011) – As Florida Termite swarming season peaks, Suncoast Pest Control wants to ensure that homes and businesses are protected from what could be considered the worst natural disaster, Termites. Suncoast has created the 5-step challenge to educate homeowners about the signs and how to prevent Florida termites.

“We are only halfway through Florida termites’ swarming season and we have already received countless termite-related calls,” said Thomas Harris, president of Suncoast Pest Control. Harris adds, “We have created this 5-step challenge to help home and business owners take preventive measures against Florida termites in an attempt to potentially save thousands of dollars in repairs.”

The Suncoast Pest Control 5-step Challenge:

1. Seal all holes and cracks around the outside of the home or business.

2. Address moisture prone areas and ensure that the wood in the structure has not been damaged since most Florida termites seek weakened wood and water to create their colonies.

3. Clean up wood debris from the outside of homes and businesses including tree branches and other lose wooden items.

4. Check for fecal pellets and mud tubes, as these are indications that Florida termites are already infesting and destroying a structure.

5. Implement a pest control strategy to ensure that Florida termites do not victimize your home or business.

Suncoast Pest Control prides itself on providing a precise service to combat Florida termites based on its service areas. For example, due to older construction in Fort Lauderdale their Fort Lauderdale Pest Control service specializes in addressing all the possible entry points for Florida termites. Or, since Naples is more prone to high humidity because of its proximity to the Everglades, their Naples Pest Control service focuses on safeguarding homes against moisture buildup. Fort Myers, with its monsoon-influenced climate, has long, hot, humid summers. Suncoast’s Fort Myers Pest Control addresses the distinctive climate with specialized treatments for Florida termites that are effective year round.

Suncoast Pest Control are the experts at specific pest control strategies for Florida. Their team consists of experts who dedicate themselves to eliminating the threat of Florida termites in your home or business. This family owned and operated Florida Pest Control company services from Central to South Florida, and all areas in between including their Cape Coral Pest Control service. Call them today toll-free at 1-855-786-2847.


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