Mindfulness – a mental factor that functions not to forget the object realized by the primary mind (your main focus)

It is important to be present-minded opposed to absent-minded.

You can ask your mind the following three questions to determine if you are being mindful:

1. Is your thought peaceful or disturbing?

2. Do you have good intentions or bad intentions?

3. Are you present or distracted?

-The moment we ask ourselves this, we have power because we have the opportunity to change right there.

Every part of life should be fluid, allow things to dissolve and return.

It is important that we are mindful because our thoughts, words, and actions impact others.

Always be mindful of love and caring for others.

The purpose of mindfulness is to prevent distraction!

-Distractions allow our minds to wander into un-peaceful places.By practicing mindfulness you will eventually be able to quickly turn your mind to focus under difficult circumstances.

-We tend to remember things that we should forget, and forget things we should remember.

Make Space for the positive!

If we always have a positive place to go to, then getting through challenging circumstances becomes easier.

It is more powerful to jump straight to pure rather than 1st stopping at mediocre.

When we change our minds, we become different people.

Be mindful of of cherishing others and having a good heart.

The primary mistake is setting unrealistic expectations because they leads to trying to hard which then leads to discouragement.

-the right amount of stretch is good (motivation)

A little more mindfulness can go a long way!

Search for areas in your life where determination and stimulation can lead to mindfulness.

Relax -> Let go of Distractions -> Keep Inside Peaceful -> Share Peace with Others

Todo Meu Amor,

Julián Francisco Falgóns