Welcome To JF Representation

Current Ipop Clients,

IPop consulting group is no longer providing online marketing services. In an effort to continue to serve your marketing needs, Alejandro Diaz formed a partnership with Julián Falgóns of Falgons LLC. JF Representation, a corporate brand and marketing firm based in South Florida, is the result.

JF Representation believes in providing a memorable online experience for companies and their clients.

With short, medium, and long-term goal setting, together we watch your idea ground evolve into your dream.

JF Representation carefully selects companies, products, and ideas to provide marketing services for based on an estimate of success. We believe in all of our client’s ability to achieve Great Success with an expanded online marketing presence.

Our team has experience providing marketing strategies and implementation for an array of industries including:

– Education
– Local and Organic Products
– Clothing
– Carpet Cleaning
– Insurance
– Pest Control
– Restaurants
– Property Management
– Real Estate
– Lenders
– Art Galleries
– Business Software
– Underground Utilities and Construction

In bringing iPop’s former clients to JF Representation, Alejandro Diaz believes that his customers will benefit from the expanded knowledge, experience, and SEO expertise provided by JF Representation.

Thank You for taking the time to get to know us and we look forward to working together to expand your online presence.

Have a Great Day,

Alejandro Diaz

JF Representation – Marketing Strategist